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Welcome to www.fiddle.net, internet home of five-time Grand National Fiddle Champion Tony Ludiker. Below you can find descriptions of the major sections of the website. Browse around - if you don't find the information you're looking for, feel free to send me some e-mail.






First Fiddle Tunes for Violin - version 2.0 is the e-book version of the popular but out-of-print First Fiddle Tunes for Violin, published in 2002 (revised 2004). 71 Hornpipes, Reels, Waltzes, Polkas, Two-steps, and more - suitable for beginning through intermediate fiddlers and violinists. Contents: Oh, Susanna, Rubber Dolly, Short'nin' Bread, Down in the Valley, Red River Valley, You are My Sunshine, Old Joe Clark, Cripple Creek, Sallie Gooden, Edelweiss, Boil the Cabbage Down, Sweet Marie, Put Your Little Foot, Annie Laurie, Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue, Heel and Toe Polka, Rabbit, Where's Your Mama?, Faded Love, Liberty Hornpipe, Tripping Up the Stairs, Tennessee Waltz, Devil's Dream, Soldier's Joy, Me and My Fiddle, Cincinnati Hornpipe, Lamplighter's Hornpipe, Red Wing, Reel Saint-Antoine, Flop-eared Mule, Casey Jones, Interlake Waltz, Arkansas Traveler, Chicken Reel, Bear Creek Hop, Turkey in the Straw, Sailor's Hornpipe, Fisher's Hornpipe, Swallow Tail Jig, Tuggerman's Jig, Old French, Tam Lin, Four String Polka, Cajun Fiddle, Red Fox Waltz, Irish Washerwoman, Rocking Chair Jig, Red Rose Waltz, Down Yonder, Miller's Reel, Rose of Old San Antone, Return of Gary Owen, Hot Canary, Pig Ankle Rag, Sleepy Maggie, Blind Man's Reel, Sumner's Hornpipe, Woodchopper's Reel, Ookpik Waltz, Clarinet Polka, Mouth of the Tobique, Ostinelli's Reel, Money Musk, Dew Drop Hornpipe, Stone's Rag, Kentucky Waltz, Durham's Bull, Allen's Reel, Saint Anne's Reel, Snowflake Reel, Red Apple Rag, Gravel Walk

Hoedowns - version 2.0 is the e-book version of the long out-of-print Fiddle Tablature Series Vol. 1: Hoedowns, published in 1992. 42 Hornpipes, Reels, and Breakdowns suitable for intermediate fiddlers and violinists. Contents: Whoa Mule, Give the Fiddler a Dram, Snowbird in the Ashbank, Bitter Creek, Golden Eagle Hornpipe, Salem Hornpipe, Shortenin' Bread, Tugboat, Sally Johnson, Leather Britches, Old Straw Bonnet, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Bennett's Reel, General Longstreet's Reel, Uncle Herman's Hornpipe, Forester's Hornpipe, Old Aunt Sally There's a Bug on Me, Snow Shoes, Rabbit Where's Your Mama?, Smith's Reel, Soppin' the Gravy, Forked Deer, Apple Blossoms, Hell Among the Yearlings, Big John McNeil, Money Musk, Jack of Diamonds, Brilliancy, Trafalgar Hornpipe, Grey Eagle, Huckleberry Hornpipe, Dusty Miller, Sally Ann, Billy in the Lowground, Wagoner, Cattle in the Cane, Ned Kendall's Hornpipe, Fisher's Hornpipe, Sunnyside, Hell Among the Moonshiners, Countryman's Reel, Randall's Hornpipe
CLICK THIS LINK for a free ZIP file recording of all 42 tunes in the book

Rags and Polkas - version 2.0 is the e-book version of the Fiddle Tablature Series Vol. 2: Contest Rags and Polkas, published in 1997. For this e-book edition, 5 new tunes (*) have been added to the original 19, to make a great collection of Rags, Polkas, Blues, and Two-steps even better! This book is the most advanced of the three new e-books - suitable for intermediate to advanced fiddlers and violinists. Each of the original tunes has been looked over and tweaked here and there, bowings scrutinized and modified, suggested fingerings and accompaniment chords added - and the music is easier than ever to read. Contents: Allentown Polka, Dill Pickle Rag, Red Apple Rag, Red Skin Girl, Smith's Rag, Polka in D & A, Swedish Rhapsody, Cotton Patch Rag, Herman's Rag, Sixteen Days to Georgia, Trot Along, B & B Rag, Beaumont Rag, Crafton's Blues, Uncle Pig, Clarinet Polka, Red Neck Mother, River Road Two-step, *Viva Tlapehuala, *Flapjack Rag, *Footprints in the Snow, *Sleepy Jesus Rag, *Friedrich Polka, T & T Rag
CLICK THIS LINK for a free ZIP file recording of the original 19 tunes in the book.


Whether you want to learn a tune, have questions about technique, or you'd like to finally learn to read that stuff called music, give me a call on my cell phone at 719.339.2106 or email me tony@fiddle.net (or tonyludiker@gmail.com) and we'll set a time up to test our video connection and chat about your needs (this tech-check and short consultation are NO CHARGE). Seriously, if you're stuck in a rut, whether it's with something technical or simply that you can't read music, I can help you. I have a system for teaching music reading for the fiddle that's unlike anything you've ever heard - and the less you know about music reading, the better!!! Easy payments through PayPal.

BOW RE-HAIRING by Tony Ludiker (since 1982)

Price for Platinum "LIVE" hair (very high quality unbleached white hair) is $60 and includes return Priority Mail shipping. Include a second (or third, or fourth...) bow in the package and the price is only $50 each for the additional bows. (Also, I have shorter student-quality hair for smaller size bows - deduct $7.50 for 3/4 and smaller bows if you want this option.) Ship your bow(s) to: TONY LUDIKER, 152 W ROCKRIMMON BLVD #103, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80919. If you aren't sure how to safely pack your bow for shipment or have any other questions, please call me on my cell phone at 719.339.2106.

Free Fiddle mp3 files!

I've uploaded a hodgepodge of recordings, including the earliest recording I have of myself (1977 National Old Time Fiddlers Contest).
Tony Ludiker - National Fiddle Champion is now available for free in mp3 format. Accompanied by my brother Terry Ludiker and good friend Darin Meeks on rhythm guitars, this recording features examples of my favorite contest tunes during the peak of my contest success. Recorded August 1989 at SunWest Productions, Spokane, Washington. This album was recorded just after winning my second National Grand Championship at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho.

Fiddle-L Discussion List Anthology 1999 -- A Tour 'Round The World Of Fiddling

This is a collection of bios and tunes from fiddle players the world over who belong to the Fiddle-L Discussion List, hosted by Brown University. There are 88 tunes from 51 fiddlers who participated in the project. Also included are bios of each performer.

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