Fiddle-L Anthology 1999

A Tour 'Round The World Of Fiddling

Volume 1:

Nicholas Day
  1. Winster Processional (Traditional), Rattling Bog (Traditional) 1:35
  2. Oyster Girl (Traditional), Fiery Clockface (Traditional) 2:07
Tom Paley
  1. Polska after Anders-Gustaf Andersson (Traditional) 1:07
  2. Tre Strammingar och ena Kaku Brod (A Polska from R:ittvik and Boda) (Traditional) 1:25
  3. Old Christmas (Traditional) 1:18
Elaine Bradtke
  1. Maiden's Choice (Elaine Bradtke) 1:22
  2. Cuckoos Nest (Traditional) 1:21
Ian King
  1. Garster's Dream (Traditional), Da Brig (Traditional) 1:59
  2. The Laddie wi the Plaldie (Traditlonal), Miss Shepherd (Scott Skinner) 2:21
Eric Falconer
  1. Highland Whiskey (Neil Gow), John McNeil's Reel (Peter Milne) 2:09
Tom Gilland
  1. The Tom Gilland Hornpipe (Alex J. Lawson) :30
  2. Spelmansvals (Traditional) :37
  3. Christmas Day Ida Morning (Traditional) 1:08
  4. Dal-Johans Vals (Traditional) 1:18
Gordon Gunn
  1. Dublin Porter (Traditional, arr. G. Gunn Harper Music), Galway Rambler (Traditional, arr. G. Gunn Harper Music), Bobby Casey's No.2 (Traditional, arr. G. Gunn Harper Music), Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel (Phil Cunningham, Bracken Music) 4:35
John Erdman
  1. Lament of the Death of Rev. Archie Beaton (Traditional), The Pinkie House March (Traditional), Lee Cremo Reel (Traditional) 4:40
Larry Warren
  1. Unknown Reel (Composer Unknown) 2:09
  2. Hollyhock Jig (Larry Warren) 2:30
Peter Yarensky
  1. Joys of Quebec (Traditional) 1:45
Andre Kuntz
  1. A Rose by the Door (Andrea Hoag) 2:59
Jim Kimball
  1. Ken Bonner Shuffle (Ken Bonner) 1:15
  2. Quadrille in D (Traditional) 1:09
Steven Miller
  1. Fine Times at Our House (Traditional) 2:13
Chris Mabry
  1. Don't Scare the Children (Chris Mabry) 1:15
Robert Buckingham
  1. Martha Campbell (Traditional) 1:40
  2. Margaret's Waltz (Pat Shaw) 1:55
Jerry Agin
  1. Bonnie Dundee (Traditional), Money Musk (Daniel Dow), Flowers of Edinburgh (Traditional) 1:40
Philippe Varlet
  1. The Coalminer (Traditional), The Steeplechase (Traditional) 3:26