FastLane Breakdown -- Solo CD by Dennis Ludiker (released December 2008)
Parents are wont to brag on their kids, but this truly is a great CD! Most of the tunes are composed by Dennis, with the exception of Key Signator (Darol Anger), Kentucky Ride (Terry Ludiker), and Honey Boy (Louis Franklin). Dennis's original compositions are 2 Kinds of Kind, Face First in the Rosebush, FastLane Breakdown, SAS (South Austin Swing), Smopo, Kimber's Waltz, Crumb Tray, Heidi's Hornpipe, No Old Tyme, and Piper's Lighter Waltz. You can listen to a couple of the tunes on his website, so go there NOW!


New England Fiddler's Repertoire -- my very favorite fiddle book!
This book is a great collection of fun fiddle tunes. I've bought books based on wanting just a couple of tunes out of them - this book has dozens and dozens of tasty tunes. Like I tell my students: "The worst thing about this book is that there are no bowings. The best thing about this book is that there are no BAD bowings. If you don't know anything at all about bowing, then you may wish to seek some advise from a pro - if you do have a sense for bowing, then you won't be making messy corrections: you can just start out fresh with your own.


Amazing Slow Downer -- software to slow music down for learning/transcription purposes.
This is one of the greatest tools for learning hard licks ever! You are able to slow down a CD track or a song file by up to 20 percent of speed while retaining pitch. You can also tweek the pitch if the original recording is off (or you don't feel like tuning your fiddle!). There's an EQ section and the ability to pan to the part of the mix where your target instrument is playing. Start points and end points can be set and you can loop the recording or just a short section. Man, have things come a long way since my old Marantz half-speed recorder! The program is available for Mac (both OS X and pre-X versions) and Windoze machines, too. It is available for free download to test it out (only allows you to process the first two tracks of an audio CD or the first quarter of a sound file). Two "thumbs up" from me.

Carwile String Studio

Carwile String Studio -- Fiddle lessons, video instruction, and CDs from Daniel and Amy Carwile.


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John Francis Home Page

John Francis -- Home page of good friend and National Fiddle Champion John Francis.

In Tune Violins: The Home of Texas Style Fiddling in Colorado! -- New home page of Colorado Texas Style fiddler Chris Daring.

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason's Home Page -- You know, the guy who wrote Ashokan Farewell. Jay and Molly have CDs and sheet music and a live radio show on the internet! Check it out.

Dennis Ludiker's MilkDrive website -- My son Dennis has been based out of Austin, Texas since he graduated high school. Dennis is a three-time Texas State Champion fiddler and once World Champion (Crockett, Texas). Check his band MilkDrive out -- they are an amazing group of young musicians!

Kimber Ludiker's Della Mae website -- My daughter Kimber moved from Spokane to Boston several years ago and ended up forming an all-female bluegrass band called Della Mae. Della Mae's second album "This World Oft Can Be" was nominated for a Grammy! Kimber has also been a very successful contest fiddler -- she is a two-time National Fiddle Champion. Now living just outside Nashville, Kimber spends more time on the road playing music than kicking back at home.

National Fiddle Contest Logo

The National Old-Time Fiddle Contest -- Held each year the Third Full Week of June, the National Old-Time Fiddle Contest is THE place to be. Get all the information here!

Mark O'Connor -- Visit the home page of the World's Best Fiddle Player.

Petimar Press

PETIMAR PRESS -- Interested in Texas-style fiddle transcriptions, or Benny Thomasson transcriptions? You should be! Check this site out.


The Portland Collection - Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest -- This spiral-bound book contains 318 jigs and reels from the Portland, Oregon contra dance repertoire. Irish, Scottish, Québecois, Appalachian, and New England genres are represented. Both traditional and recently composed tunes are included, from local treasures to national contra dance standards. Chord suggestions are provided. I highly recommend this book!

Rachel Barton Pine's Home Page -- Rachel Barton Pine of Chicago is my very favorite classical violinist!!! This virtuoso simply blew everyone away at the Mark O'Connor Fiddle Camp when we both taught there in 1997. Check out her page and buy her recordings. You'll love them no matter what your musical tastes are.

Recordings of Texas Style Fiddlers Terry and Dale Morris -- don't leave home without 'em!

Great CDs from Texas Shorty
Must-have recordings from the legendary Jim Chancellor

Voyager Records -- Voyager Records recently released a great Benny Thomasson CD. Many recordings available.

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