Miscellaneous FREE mp3 files!!!

1977 National Fiddle Contest Round -- yes, you read that right, 1977! This is the earliest recording I have of myself. An entire round in the days before time limits -- you'll notice the audience clapping between tunes! It's hard to believe this simple fiddling could earn a top five in the Junior Division of the National Fiddle Contest -- times have certainly changed!

1978 National Fiddle Contest Round -- second oldest recording I have of myself, and I apoligize in advance for the out of tune notes in Black and White Rag. You can tell from this recording that 1978 was the year that Nationals adopted a time limit, so there's no audience applause between tunes any more. I placed 6th this year.

1983 National Fiddle Contest -- Here's what it took to win the National Fiddle Contest way back in 1983. You can click on each round separately, as well as the trophy presentation. Tony Round 1 -- Tony Round 2 -- Tony Round 3 -- Tony Round 4 -- Tony Round 5 -- Tony Round 6 -- 1983 Awards Presentation

Apple Blossoms -- a short contest version with Terry Ludiker and Darin Meeks on guitars
Billy In The Low Ground recorded August 1, 1988 with Darin Meeks on Guitar
Chancellor's Waltz -- written by the great Texas Shorty (Jim Chancellor) himself -- recorded August 1, 1988 with Darin Meeks on guitar
Don Messer Memorial Waltz -- here's one I'd break out if there were Canadian judges at a contest
Durang's Hornpipe -- recorded August 1, 1988 with Darin
Elmer Jay's Waltz -- a waltz I wrote back in the 80's after the death of local fiddler Elmer Jay -- with Terry and Darin on guitars
Footprints In The Snow -- an arrangement shamelessly stolen from friend Joey McKenzie
Lake Pontchartrain Waltz -- a waltz I wrote in my head in an airplane between New Orleans and Salt Lake City in 1998
Maynard's Rag -- with Terry and Darin
Old Time Medley -- I'm not a Texas/Contest style snob! Here, my gray roots are showing.... Digitized from a cassette recording my family did some years back.
Red Neck Mother -- attributed to Norman Soloman -- I discovered this tune many years ago on a cassette tape of various fiddlers and didn't get a name for it until a year or two later (I've called this tune Terry's Rag and Norman Soloman's Rag in contests)
Sally Goodin' -- August 1, 1988 with Darin
Sally Gooden cross-tuned -- not the cleanest rendition of this tune, but if you listen closely you can actually hear my brain sizzling while trying to figure out where to go in some places!
Sally Johnson -- January 28, 2006 jam session recording
Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle? -- a short contest version with Terry and Darin
Say Old Man, Can You Play The Fiddle? -- my favorite recording of me playing this tune -- with Darin and brother Terry
Say Old Man, Can You Play The Fiddle? -- January 28, 2006 jam session recording -- at five minutes, this is probably the longest I've ever stretched this tune out (for better or worse)
Short'nin' Bread -- January 28, 2006 jam session recording -- one of my favorite "short" tunes
Sumner's Hornpipe -- recorded August 1, 1988 with Darin Meeks (from cassette)
T and T Rag -- when we were young, my brother Terry and I were sometimes referred to as T and T (TNT). I had the idea for a tune floating around in my head. I liked the A part but not the B, so Terry came up with what you hear. This is the earliest recording of this tune I'm aware of, from a family recording.
Tugboat -- August 1, 1988 with Darin


Tony Ludiker: National Fiddle Champion -- now available as FREE mp3 files!!!

Tony Ludiker-fiddle; Terry Ludiker-guitar; Darin Meeks-guitar. Recorded August 1989 at SunWest Productions, Spokane, Washington. Recorded by Tony following his second National Grand Championship at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho. Now available as downloadable mp3 files (right-click on titles to download).

Side One
16 Days to Georgia, Sally Johnson, Whistler's Waltz, Pig Ankle, Chuck in the Bush, Goodnight Waltz, Hell Among the Yearlings

Side Two
Dusty Miller, Memory Waltz, Red Skin Girl, Apple Blossom, Carnival Waltz, Pickin' Parlour Rag (by Mark O'Connor -- not available as a free download), Sally Goodin

FREE MP3s from the FIDDLE TUNE STORE -- The following mp3 files were recorded specifically to accompany music files available in the FIDDLE TUNE STORE. They are FREE to download, and if you want to take a stab at learning any of them, visit the FIDDLE TUNE STORE to purchase the sheet music in PDF format.

Sally Goodin -- an arrangement appropriate for fiddle contests.

Flapjack Rag -- an arrangement based on the fiddling of Kimber Ludiker appropriate for fiddle contests.

Lake Pontchartrain Waltz composed by Tony Ludiker -- not too many fiddle tunes have been written on an airplane, but this is one of them. I wrote this tune while on a flight from New Orleans to Salt Lake City (on my way home to Spokane). The place I stayed in New Orleans was just a couple blocks from the lake, so it seemed an appropriate name for this beautiful waltz.

Polka in D and A -- I've never known the name of this challenging tune, but it's a fun tune to play. Lots of shifting in the B part. This arrangement is a suitable length for timed fiddle contests.

Peaches and Honey -- an arrangement appropriate for fiddle contests, based on Terry Morris.

Red Wing with HARMONY part -- one of the great oldtime favorites. For two fiddles. The mp3 goes through the tune twice, with a little spice the second time through on the lead part (now notated in the music).

Tripping Up The Stairs Jig with HARMONY part -- the first jig I teach all my students.

Soldier's Joy with HARMONY part -- another oldtime classic with a challenging harmony part.

Tam Lin with HARMONY part -- great two-parter with a second-position harmony part.

Annie Laurie Waltz with HARMONY part -- fairly simply pretty waltz with harmony.

Viva Tlapehuala -- a fun tune to play with a challenging A part variation at the end. This arrangement is based on Bethany Dick's rendition played at the 2000 National Old Time Fiddler's Contest in Weiser, Idaho. I've added a couple parts she left out due to the time constraints, but it's still short enough to fit in most timed four minute rounds.

Red Neck Mother (AKA Norman Solomon's Rag) -- an arrangement appropriate for fiddle contests. (As of October 2, 2007 the PDF file now exactly matches the recorded arrangement)

Friedrich Polka -- an arrangement I used at the last few major contests I played in.